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Seeing the Bigger Picture:
An Integral Approach to Holistic Healing

My approach is quite different: a truly holistic healing, integrative practice that balances ancient, time-tested healing traditions with contemporary science. I treat your entire being, emphasizing wellness and health rather than merely treating your symptoms in isolation.

When we’re feeling our best — healthy, happy, joyous, creative — we feel whole. Our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are fully connected and in balance. Every aspect of our existence works more harmoniously.

It’s only when we experience physical or emotional difficulties that we’re encouraged to think of ourselves as isolated, a collection of isolated parts. Biomedical doctors, psychiatrists and other specialists focus on illness and the immediate crisis before them. Yet they often fail to discover the root crisis before them.

While each person is unique, I am always guided by fundamental universal principles of life and healing. Foremost among these is the fact we are self-regulating beings. We have the ability to heal naturally when the body-mind is unburdened and balance is restored.

To lessen your present difficulties and discover the underlying causes impeding your maximum health and vibrancy, we must explore all aspects of you life.

This journey is positive and empowering. With the goal of your complete, balanced well-being always paramount, our path together may included one or all of the following:

If we work together, there’s an opportunity to eliminate your health problems AND achieve whole-body happiness and profound well-being.

About Keyvan Golestaneh, M.A., L.Ac. (WI – 253055)

Keyvan Golestaneh

Working within a naturopathic tradition, Keyvan incorporates bioenergetic healing, and herbal therapy, as well as Chinese and Ayurvedic Healing Practices. He emphasizes taking responsibility for one’s health and life through self- development, dietary and nutritional education, and exercise. He also provides mentorship in health practices, self and spritual development.

Keyvan has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and Chinese Medicine, Structural Body Therapy, and Jin Shin Do® Acupressure. He has a degree in Anthropology. He also has extensive training in Body-centered therapy, is also a yoga teacher with over 30 years experience and study in various Asian Yogic traditions including
Qi Gong and meditation.

Keyvan conducts workshops internationally and offers consultations and therapy worldwide during his travels and by appointment
via phone and internet.

Contact phone: 1-(866)-745-2947

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